My order is late

When an order is placed and the estimated arrival time is given, a few things can impact that estimated timeline.  

1) The restaurant gets overloaded with orders all of a sudden and has to delay the order.  

Sometimes the restaurant has enough time to go on to all of their delivery service tablets to delay orders, but other times it gets so busy so fast that they don't have time to go update each order, so know that they are trying their hardest to prepare your food to the highest quality.  Frequent clues that would lead you to see that the order is late for this reason would be when a driver is when you check your tracking on your app and you can see the driver is waiting at the restaurant for a while.

Other times, the restaurants have time to hit the delay button on their orders and at that point, our system will notify you of the delay and the new estimated arrival time will be updated 

2) Wrong address

Google does a good job at mixing up addresses when your address is moved around their maps system and occasionally this will lead to an order being delivered to your neighbor instead of your place.  We have multiple systems in place to avoid this happening, however, it happens on occasion. 

Check the address you entered for delivery, sometimes you will have accidentally entered the wrong address yourself which means the food will be delivered tot eh address provided.

3) Human error

Sometimes things get really busy really fast and people make mistakes.  If your experience has been negatively impacted by this, please reach out to use via our live chat for immediate support.